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About Us


Manak Technopark Pvt. Ltd. is founded on one simple principle - affordable, reliable Web hosting can be smarter.

We believe your website should do more than just exist online without any interruptions. Your website should be your calling card, your portal to success and make a stellar first impression for those who come across it with its performance and abilities.

We are experienced Web professionals just like you and we understand just how critical the right Web host is to your business; keeping infrastructure costs down while maintaining a high level of stability and performance.

Manak Technopark Pvt. Ltd. has been hosting mission critical websites since the dawn of the World Wide Web itself, and have been improving upon the concept ever since. We remain the only major reliable Web host to continue to provide this technology at affordable prices.

At Manak Technopark Pvt. Ltd. we understand what our clients needs are and work with them to provide the best possible solution that is very cost-effective. Our hosting packages are a combination of excellent features backed with a blistering fast network, the latest server hardware from Intel and Dell and helpful technical support staff to answer all of your questions.

We are has been providing cost effective unlimited web hosting and Internet services. We specialize in Linux based web servers and technologies because superior stability, speed and performance are what we offer our customers.

We have hosted hundreds of different websites with very different needs. Our main focus has been effective client communication, which is why we have a reliable reputation and work hard to keep it. We are very proud of our company since it first began and look forward to continuing to grow and offer a full array of web services for our clients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unlimited web hosting solutions for small businesses and personal users that will exceed their expectations with responsive technical support, fast and reliable servers and affordable hosting solutions using the latest technology available for your business needs.

We continue to reinvest our resources back into the company to provide and ensure a stable, cost effective web hosting and web services company.

Data Center


Uninterrupted Power. Uninterrupted Commerce.

Your business demands constant connectivity. Our network is geared to give you that.

Direct connections with an increase in performance metrics | Bandwidth availability is STM 16 - STM 64 | Ring network redundancy available at switch level | Neutrality: carrier neutral and network neutral | Interconnections: cross connection to any carrier with dedicated cabling, testing, tagging and termination | Flexible bandwidth : Blended, Burstable and Capped bandwidth based on data transfer requirements | Two paths of fiber routing to the datacenter ensuring 'no hops and no downtime' | Structured cables in line with Tier IV standards. We use multiple service providers to keep your business online in any eventuality.


We take our Support Services very seriously. Our 24xForever support is primed and ready for any eventuality. 80% of our staff is dedicated to technical/customer support. They are qualified, experienced and informed. Our failsafe escalation matrix ensures that whatever the nature of the query, a solution is found quickly.


Our datacenter is served by two 33KV lines from two different power generating sources i.e. Hydropower and Thermal power. Apart from the redundant power sources DG backup is supported with (N+N) configuration and HSD Tanks Capacity of 30 KL (expandable). At distribution level UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system with 2(N+1) configuration and a Dual Bus power architecture up to rack level. This kind of multiple redundancy helps us to achieve 99.995% power uptimes.


All of our servers are racked in state-of-the-art managed segments utilizing the best hand-picked, server-class components to allow for optimal runtime, performance, and reduced hardware failures.

•Servers in our Shared segment utilize RAID array technology to ensure your data and information is safe and available in the rare event of hard drive failure.

•Raid technology uses multiple hard disk drives within each server to achieve a higher level of performance and reliability.

•An expansive amount of hardware is stored on-site so that our datacenter administrators can quickly perform any necessary hardware maintenance.


We protect our datacenter with the world’s best precision-based environment control systems. These systems allow us to precisely monitor and maintain temperature and humidity at optimal levels.


Our datacenter has 2-hours fire rated doors and walls. Multiple monitors are wired to heat sensors and detect smoke particles as small as 5 microns. Also installed is VESDA (Very early smoke detection) which detects fire even before the smoke becomes visible. Eco-friendly, residue-free FM200 gas will ensure any actual fire suppression without damage to equipment.

Six Zone SecurityTM

Security for your data comes with our impenetrable SIX ZONE SECURITYTM system. Unwanted visitors will never make it in.

Gunmen at entrance and exit gates

Man-trap at the datacenter entrance

24/7 security throughout the datacenter

Three levels of bio-metric access control for the server area

24/7 CCTV monitoring

Restriction of access to visitors, if any

Identification check with proof of photo ID

Entry into data center only with escort

Retention of photos and video footage for 30 days